Tim Arfons

From the time he was born in 1955, Tim Arfons was exposed to a work ethic that combined speed, excitement, showmanship and "thinking outside of the box." Growing up under the watchful eye of his father, the legendary three-time outright land speed record holder, Art Arfons, it was probably only natural Tim would follow his father's path. As he grew to adulthood, Tim watched and later began to participate in his Dad's quests in the famed "Green Monster" to be the "Fastest Man on Earth" on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah.

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Kamikaze II
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After the Original Kamikaze crashed in Amboise, France, in 1988, what remained was shipped back to the U.S. The back half was still in decent shape, so we re-halfed the front with a stock Suzuki 500 Quadzilla. In addition, the rear body work was changed to incorporate the swoopy fenders that became the standard on all jet four wheelers that were built from then on.

Kamikaze II was more popular than the original and ended up being lighter and faster than the original Kamikaze. It went back to Europe three times as well as on a south American tour. After running it for ten years, it was sold and is now in a private collection.

Kamikaze II