Tim Arfons

From the time he was born in 1955, Tim Arfons was exposed to a work ethic that combined speed, excitement, showmanship and "thinking outside of the box." Growing up under the watchful eye of his father, the legendary three-time outright land speed record holder, Art Arfons, it was probably only natural Tim would follow his father's path. As he grew to adulthood, Tim watched and later began to participate in his Dad's quests in the famed "Green Monster" to be the "Fastest Man on Earth" on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah.

  • Address: 2396 Pickle Rd.
    Akron, OH 44312
  • Phone: 330-807-0140
Armageddon Mini Mustang Funny Car
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"Armageddon" was the last indoor exhibition vehicle built by Tim in 2003.

Again, it was constructed around a GE T-58 turbine engine covered by a 3/4-scale Mustang Funny Car-style body. Tim built the "Armageddon" for Feld Entertainment, which had earlier bought the USHRA Monster Truck show program. Feld asked Tim to build a jet (turbine) powered car which was different, and exciting to be a featured exhibition act for the indoor events it had scheduled in Europe.

Tim says, "Feld knew that I had the most experience with the GE T-58, and could supply them with what they needed for their European Tour.

"I hooked up with in infamous 'Greggo' ('Greg of Akron') for the paint job, and together we created a wild, fireball effect - appropriate for 'Armageddon.' Little did I know it would be Greggo's final paint job for me.

"'Armageddon' was the hit with the fans the folks at Feld had hoped for, and it was a good vehicle, technically, as well. It handled very well doing turns in the tight quarters of indoor arenas - something that was not easy to do. I made certain the car would put on a huge fire show, and of course, the crowds loved it! It toured not only in Europe, but in the U.S. as well."